Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Playing with Acrylics

I usually paint in watercolor, but our painting group was using acrylics last night.  Here's what I did.  It was fun!

Our instructor primed the tops of cigar boxes with gesso and we played with acrylics.  I thought it was a clever idea - I never painted on a cigar box before! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Kitten

Here is the kitten I painted today.


Inspired by Carol King!

Last week I joined a group of painters that get together twice a month at the clubhouse in our new neighborhood.  One of Carol King's posts got me motivated to do that.  Hooray!  This is one way to get back in the swing of things.  Everyone is really nice.  The guy who teaches the class does a great job.  He does a demo at the beginning of the class and then gives individual help.  You have a choice of several things to paint.  I chose tulips.  I'm not finished with them yet.

In April, we're going to work with pastels in one session and watercolor in the other session.  I'm looking forward to it.

Yesterday, Jim and I went to the gallery at the Bellagio to see the exhibit of Yousuf Karsh photos.  I think it will be in the gallery until September.  If you come to Las Vegas between now and then (By the way, our weather right now is superb!), be sure to see the show.  Check out the garden while you're at the Bellagio, too.  Wow!  I even got to see the famous Winston Churchill photo and have my picture taken with Winston's photo!  They allowed photos!

I'm waiting for the last layer to dry on a painting of a kitten and I'm going to post it.  In the meantime, here are some photos from yesterday.


Sunday, January 31, 2016


We have moved.  We are still in Las Vegas, but Jim no longer wanted to do yardwork and the extent of my outdoor work was caring for my potted plants (what my dad calls my pot farm) and roses and feeding my hummingbirds.  Soooooo...  We bought a townhouse.  We've been in it for two weeks.  Jim already loves it and I think I'm going to love it, too.  There are still boxes everywhere, but little by little it's beginning to look like home.

The first thing we did even before we moved in was to paint my art room.  It's a wonderful space.  There is a large window facing north and a smaller window facing south.  The light is fabulous!  We painted it the palest of lavender.

I hope you are all well and happy.  I've been reading blogs and have seen many exciting photos and paintings.  Keep up the wonderful work!  Don't give up on me.  I'll join you soon.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Drew Struzan

Jim found a terrific documentary on Drew Struzan.  We just watched it.  It's called "Drew: The Man Behind the Poster".  Even it you don't know the name, you will recognize the art.  We rented it from iTunes for $1.00.  If you're looking for something fun to do on a Saturday afternoon, check it out.  Happy Saturday!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Step Back...No, Further...

I wonder why you don't start at the same skill level you left off at when you don't paint for a lengthy period and you start back up again.  It doesn't seem fair.  Not that I had reached great heights, but...
Anyhow, I did this little painting from a study in a book by Philip Jamison.  I love his work.  I've practiced with this particular study before.  If you're not familiar with his work, here is a sample.

Now I realize that this will make my painting look even worse, but I don't want to have you think my little painting is any kind of reflection on Mr. Jamison:)  By the way, he is a very nice man.  I wrote to him years ago.  He replied on a card that had one of his paintings on it. 

I found a new way of attaching my paper to my board.  I've tried soaking and stapling, just stapling and also brown paper tape.  I saw a video in which the artist used masking tape.  She tore off pieces the length and width of the paper, rolled them up so they were like double-stick tape and put them on the back of the watercolor paper.  Very clever!  It seems to work well.

Here's my version of a daisy study by Jamison.

So this is my new starting point.  More paintings to follow every week.

I hope you had a lovely weekend!


Saturday, July 11, 2015

By the Shores of Gitche Gumee

I took a trip to Wisconsin 2 weeks ago.  It was my dad's 80th birthday.  There was a party for him.  It was fun to see him, my sister and aunts.

These are my favorite parts of my visit: 
going for a walk with my dad, just the two of us.  We went
to a park we used to go to when I was a little girl.

Going for a ride with my sister in her boyfriend's side by side.  We drove on country dirt roads.  I felt like a kid again.  It was a warm day.  The breeze was blowing our hair and the sun was shining on our faces.  We laughed and laughed - carefree girls again.

Going to Lake Superior by myself.  I drove to Wisconsin Point in the late afternoon.  There was one group of people out there, but they were far from my part of the beach.  Perfect.  Lake Superior is magical.

Seeing a friend that I've known since kindergarten.  When we see each other, we pick up our friendship as if time and distance didn't exist. 

I have some good news to share.  I am no longer teaching a night class.  I have taught a night class for 10 years.  I will miss my night students.  They are terrific, but I wanted to have some free time in the late afternoon and evening.  I am teaching summer school during the day until the end of July.  I will have August free.  Back to school during the day on August 31.  What is my plan?  I'm going to spend time with my sweet husband, my furry children and...I'm going to...paint!  Hooray!  Now I have no excuses:)

Happy Saturday!