Friday, June 5, 2009

My Discovery of Dermott

I have just discovered Dermott, an Old English Sheepdog from Australia, who now lives in Italy. He is incredibly handsome. I find him absolutely hilarious, even though I don't understand half of what he says with the "Australian/American communication gap". Our Labrador Rosie has fallen in love with him, too. Our terrier Briscoe says that if Dermott ever comes to Las Vegas on holiday, they can get together for a game of tiggy-touchwood. (Briscoe is picking up on Australian English very quickly. I have to have him translate for me.)


Dermott said...

Yo Rosie. Las Vegas, huh? Beaut. Seen Wayne Newton around the place by any chance at all? Anyways, down to business. You hitched or otherwise? And who's this Briscoe cove? Is he, like, a rival for me? If so, I mean, I have mates. Big mates with even bigger teeth. Briscoe could be chopped liver in the blink of a canine eye. If you get my drift.

Candy said...

Hi, Dermott! It's me, Rosie! Don't worry about Briscoe. He's not a rival. He's my big brother. There are a couple of boys in the neighborhood who have crushes on me. Winston, the English Bulldog up the street, has a cool accent and he bears a striking resemblance to Mr. Churchill, but I think Australian accents are cooler. Besides, I like your long hair. I'll stop by your blog whenever my mom lets me use the computer.