Sunday, June 14, 2009


In spite of my good intentions of preparing early, I found myself doing lesson plans this afternoon. We're doing two sessions of summer school. My plan was to do lesson plans on Friday afternoons so I'd have the weekend free. So much for that.:)

I've painted on and off for a long time. It seems like I reach a certain level and stop for awhile. When I start again, it's like starting right at the beginning. I paint for awhile and then I don't get beyond that plateau. Reading artists' blogs is helping me figure things out. Artists work on their art between loads of laundry, after their full-time jobs and after the kids go to bed. Some are fortunate enough to have art as a career, but it's not easy for them either. For better or worse, I'm going to paint, paint, paint and blow past that plateau.

I will post most of my paintings (except for the really, really bad ones:)). Thank you for visiting my blog. Please comment anytime!


Jimmm said...

I just posted a comment but it didn't show up, so here is another one.....I like U......LOVE

Candy said...

Thank you, Jimmm. I like you, too. Cary Grant is helping me type this. Those extra toes give him an advantage on the keyboard. Love...