Sunday, July 26, 2009

Things to Be Done Before We Leave for Wisconsin

We are leaving for Wisconsin on Friday. Jim's daughter, Randi, will be taking care of the kids and the house while we're gone. I'm looking forward to seeing my dad and my sisters.

We did some running around today - went out to breakfast, bought groceries and picked up a new cat carrier. I hope I will have good luck catching Chip Hilton, All-American Boy, and getting him into this carrier without injury (to either of us). The kittens are a little over a year old and it's time for annual shots. Chip is afraid when he thinks there is something up. I've had open cat carriers sitting around in the computer room since Friday. The kittens have been playing in them. They seem to like the new one, too. Chip really slashed me the last time he was scared. (We had workmen in the house and he was very scared by the noise. I wasn't too crazy about the sound of the fans and jackhammer myself.) Cary Grant is very gentle even when he's afraid. Anyhow, wish me luck.

Rosie has to go in for shots on Tuesday. This is no problem. She is in love with the vet.

Now that I know that a "moleskine" notebook will not mean death for any furry little creatures, I want one. I think I'll treat myself to one and do some early morning watercolor sketches (inspired by Robyn Sinclair, although not 1/100 as good as her lovely little sketches) while I'm on summer vacation after we get back from Wisconsin. When I say early morning, I really mean it. As I've said before, it's verrrry hot here right now.


Anonymous said...

How could someone named "Cary Grant" NOT be gentle???

Candy said...

Good point. Everyone was very well-behaved at the vet's office. I thought either the vet or I would get slashed at least one time, but it all went smoothly. Hooray for our good kittens!

Autumn Leaves said...

Somehow in the change to a new computer, I lost you for a bit, Candy. Hope the vet visits and cats into carrier installations went a bit less hazardously than the last time!