Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saturday Night in Wisconsin

We're back in Las Vegas, but I'd like to tell you a little about our trip to Wisconsin. My dad has a beautiful log cabin on Lake St. Croix in Solon Springs, Wisconsin. He and my stepmother spend a lot of time there during the summer. My sister lives in Solon Springs (population 500, no - now that my sister is there, make that 501). She got tickets to a concert at Lucius Woods Park. It's a gorgeous facility.

Jim and I, my dad and my sister went to see the White Sidewalls on Saturday night at the park. The White Sidewalls are a fifties group. The music was great. We sat on plastic chairs in the grass, surrounded by a wooded park - lovely. The weather was cool. It rained a little, but the audience was prepared with umbrellas:) The timing on the rain was perfect - the band played a set, it rained during the break and stopped when they began the second set. Strange and wonderful. When the rain stopped, there was a rainbow. It was a complete arc. It was beautiful.

After the concert, we went to my dad's cabin. He built a fire down by the lake. My stepmother joined us and we all toasted marshmallows and watched fireworks. (It rained on the Fourth of July, so the fireworks were postponed to August 1.) It was so relaxing sitting by the fire, talking and watching the fireworks over the lake. It was a perfect night.


Autumn Leaves said...

That does sound like a perfect night. I've always loved just sitting around the fire with good conversation, pretty night skies, and a lake? Too perfect!

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the rainbow - there was a beautiful rainbow over the lake after the intermission rain shower.

Candy said...

OK, Gammies. I fixed the post. How could I have forgotten to mention the rainbow?

Candy said...

Autumn Leaves, it really was perfect.