Saturday, October 17, 2009

Goodbye Enclosed Patio or Candy and Jim, The Demolition Duo

We are trying to have a solar energy system installed. This is not easy. It could be easy, but ... We originally applied to the program a year ago. Things finally started rolling (a little bit) in August. Anyway, the latest snag was with the power company. They talked to the City of Las Vegas Building Department about our screen room. The building department said that a permit had been pulled for the patio, but not for the enclosure. We've been in the house ten years and the patio was enclosed approximately 40 years ago. We didn't want to tear it down because we feel that the original owners have left good vibrations all over this house. They loved this house. (They passed away and we bought the house in an estate sale.) We want to leave some of their imprint on it. The screen room wasn't exactly what we would have done, but it had funk value. Well, we had to tear it down. We got most of it done today and we'll finish tomorrow.

I will post pictures, but I'm very tired. It's time for bed:)


Autumn Leaves said...

Have to say, Candy, that I do love the alternate title of "Candy and Jim, The Demolition Duo." Goodbyes are not usually fun and it doesn't sound to be the case here either. But you sure have had a week of it, haven't you? And this on top of work? No wonder you aren't painting! That said, maybe you can immortalize the funk with a painting of your demolished room? I love when you can feel the love of the prior homeowners. Something so comforting, so right about being in such a home. I thought building permits were for the property as a whole?! I guess not so out by you. Anyway, what a great place to harness solar energy!!

Unseen India Tours said...

Have a happy project !! All the best !!Unseen Rajasthan

Candy said...
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Candy said...

Sherry, out here, if you add something to the home like a patio or a room addition, you must get a permit for it. The original owners may have had one, but we couldn't prove it. We are really excited about the project. It will almost zero out our power bill and will pay for itself in ten years.

Rajasthan, thank you for your good wishes!