Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Bit of This and That

I finished my scene from Corsica last week, but I don't see anything in it that I like. However, I will keep on because that's how I will improve. Besides, painting is fun.

How strange that I have so little to say. It's so unlike me:) I have a small floral that I want to get started on , but I'm too lazy to put the paper on the board, let alone do the preliminary sketch.

Last week, a student asked how to spell "fuchsia". This is what I wrote on the board: "fuscia". I stepped back, "Hmmm. Something looks funny..." A student asked what we were going to study in grammar the next day. "The past perfect tense," said I. What were we really going to study? The present perfect. I think my powers of concentration are a little off this week. There was another example I was going to give, but I forgot what it was:)

I've been cruising around blogger land and really enjoying many of the posts I've found. Great art and wonderful writing!

Jim's stepdad and our good buddy is having health problems. We love you, Jack.

The sun was actually shining here on January 23 and we saw it today, too. I like the shadows in this photo and, of course, two of my favorite subjects are catching some rays. (If you look closely, you can see the rain on the patio.)


Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Candy...I am sensing a slight bit of you maybe feeling a bit down? I so hope this coming week is better for you. I fully believe that our heads can only hold so much before we begin losing bits and bytes. When worrying over a family member, much gets pushed out. I love your watercolors and wish you had a bit more time to paint. I know how busy life can be and with a teaching position, you must fall into bed each night exhausted! Not for the faint of heart and you have my deepest respect for what you do. I subbed in a second grade classroom once and the regular teacher had the word "grammer" up on the board in the most beautiful printing. I was appalled really. Thank you for reminding me that teachers are human too!

Tracey said...

Hope things get better.....In my case i think it's the winter blues...maybe you too? I hope Jack gets over his health problems.
Take care....spring will be here soon!!

Candy said...

Thank you Autumn Leaves. I like the "grammer" story:)

Thank you Tracy. It's so nice to have you to talk to. We had a little taste of spring today, but more rain is predicted for Thursday and Friday...

Cindi said...

hi candy.. sorry i havent been blogging much.. will get back to it once life settles, a bit!!! but i ok'ed you for painting friends and even wrote you a hello note but havent seen you?? you are approved and looking forward to seeing you !!.. just go to and log in..hope to c-you there!!

ps you can delete this message,if you want... just wanted to say hi!!

Deb Harvey said...

I love the picture of your dogs...the shadows look very cool! Love your paintings too. They are really wonderful!

I hope Jack feels better soon!

I think your mind is great...we just get overloaded at times. I know I do.

Teresa said...

Hi Candy,

Sounds like you have what I've had... what my Mom used to call the "doldrums". I'm having to push myself to get back on track and get rid of this blah-y unfocused feeling. They say the best cure is action... so I'm going to try to get busy and be productive!