Sunday, July 18, 2010

New Windows, Hooray!

Workers are installing our new windows. They are energy efficient and they are pretty! By Las Vegas standards, our house is old. I like to preserve or restore things whenever possible, but windows from fifty years ago just don't do the job here in the desert. I originally had my heart set on Pella or Andersen windows, but I fainted when we got a quote. Jim picked me up off the floor and we decided to go with a different company.

I thought the installers were going to be here on Friday, so I secured the cats in the guest bathroom Thursday night. I wanted no escapes through doors or windows. The guys didn't come until Saturday. (Having read Diana's posts about Italian workers, I thought maybe I wasn't really in Las Vegas... Maybe I was in Italy:)) The cats weren't too happy - four cats, one bathroom, no cat tree - not a good thing. I moved them to a bigger room last night. My philosophy on punctuality has become much more relaxed. (Diana's construction stories always have a happy ending, so what the heck:)) I now say there is no reason to stress as long as we are not left with a big hole and no glass covering it overnight. I'm getting used to their schedule. If they're supposed to be here by 1:00, they'll be here the next day. If they're supposed to be here by 7:00, they'll be here by 8:00... The important thing is that they are really nice guys who are doing a super job.


Pat said...

Glad the new windows are going in - and that you can be so relaxed about their timekeeping!

padmaja said...

It happens here to me all the time! Punctuality matters to me a lot and I end up lecturing to them about the same, I need to learn to be relaxed with their timekeeping!
btw, thanks for liking my Cherry blossoms:-)

Teresa said...

Having built one house and remodeled another, I can just imagine you needing the smelling salts when you got the price quotes on Pella and Andersen windows! Ouch! Gorgeous, but definitely pricey.

Sounds like you're coming along very well. Any pics headed our way? :-)

Autumn Leaves said...

Doing a good job would have to rate higher than punctuality with me as well. So glad you are getting these done. An instant facelift for an older home! (Would that it were as easy for me to do the same!!! LOL)

Unknown said...

I'm glad that you've cultivated a relaxed view on punctuality when it comes to home repair services... Those guys are always hours too early or hours too late! Hope you're happy with the results! Enjoy the windows!

Candy said...

Pat, I'm one of those "5 minutes early" kind of people, but relaxing about this is the way to go.

Padmaja, you're funny! Hmm... lecturing... It was easy to like that cherry blossom painting:)

Teresa, I think building a house would be quite an adventure. Remodeling is a lot of fun, too. Jim and I have learned a lot. They're coming this afternoon to finish up. I'll post pictures.

Sherry, yes, doing a good job makes up for anything. Instant facelift:)

Katherine, thanks. I think we're really going to be happy with this project.