Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Lazy, Lovely, Rainy Day in Las Vegas

Yesterday and today, we had some rain and a few hours of overcast skies. It was a nice change. Up until now, we've been having temperatures in the 100s, which is unusual for this time of year.

I've been reading a novel by Julia Glass on my Kindle. Thursday night, Jim fell asleep before I did. I felt like reading, but I didn't want to wake him up by turning on the light. I used the light on my Kindle cover for real for the first time. (The times I just played with it don't count.) It gives off just enough light to illuminate the page. It's a really cool feeling to be surrounded by darkness and read with this tiny light.

I kind of fell out of blogging mode the last couple of weeks. I have to make the rounds to see what you've been up to.


Pat said...

that reminds me of younger days when I used to read under the blankets by torchlight!

Unknown said...

I never tried a kindle. I bet I'd get hooked on it pretty quickly! Hope to see some artwork soon!

Cobalt Violet said...

I can't believe the crazy weather!
It's been strange here too. Like being on the sun the beginning of last week and then just crazy humid.

I am a bit envious of your Kindle I must admit. For now maybe I will splurge on an itty bitty book-light.
Pretty sure I don't know how to spell that!
:) Hope you are well!!!

Jimmm said...

I wasn't asleep after all that noise that that Kindle makes....I have never heard anything so noisy.

Teresa said...

Hi Candy!

My son gave his girlfriend a Kindle a year or two ago... and she loves it. Devours books on it at an absolutely astonishing rate.

Welcome back.... we all need a break sometime.... but nice to have you back!

Candy said...

Pat, I never did that as a kid, so maybe now I'm making up for it:)

Katherine, our granddaughter is coming to stay for a week while her dad is out of town on business. She loves to paint, so I should be able to post artwork galore next week as long as school doesn't interfere for either of us:)

Lucinda, go ahead and splurge on that booklight. You really will, as Pat says, feel like a kid reading under the blankets. By the way, Jim and I keep watching that group singing the Lady Gaga song. We love it. Jim says that watching it makes him realize that everything is going to be ok.

Jim, I think I know what that noise is. Maybe you should try sleeping on your side:)

Thanks, Teresa! I'm headed your way to check out your latest twenty minute painting.

Kerry O'Gorman said...

I haven't quite got to the Kindle generation yet, but you've got me thinking, because my hubby Tom is always asleep before me and if I get a good book going (like right now 'The Friday Night Knitting Club') then I can read into the midnight hour....thanks for stopping by...I'm away from home now but will be back in blog posting land soon...cheers..kerry