Saturday, March 19, 2011

Good Night! How Could I Never Have Heard of Her?

I just fell in love with an illustration in The Saturday Evening Post on page 80 of the January/February issue. (Yes, the magazine is still in print and it's fabulous.) Have you ever heard of Sarah S. Stilwell Weber? I googled her and found some of her work here
I couldn't get this to show as a link, but I'll edit tomorrow when the kids come over and they can show me what I'm doing wrong. (Sometimes I can get things to work and other times...) Check it out. Her work is lovely. I want to learn more. Maybe someone has written a biography.
Tell me what you think of her.


Pat said...

Her work is indeed lovely xx

Autumn Leaves said...

I hadn't heard of her either, Candy. The first few showing on that link are a wee bit scary to my mind, but scrolling down? Amazing! I especially love the one of the girl in bed with the quilt over her. Just exquisite with its detail.

Oh! And do send my regards to that gorgeous daddy o' your's!

Candy said...

Pat, I'm glad you agree. I was delighted when I found her!

Sherry, exquisite is the perfect word. I'll pass your message along to my dad:)

irinapictures said...

Amazing illustrations! Thank you so much for the link.