Friday, April 12, 2013

Rosie and Some of Her Favorite Roses

We have a pink climbing rose and a Joseph's Coat climbing rose in the southwest corner of our yard.  This year the weather has been spectacular and the roses are loving it.  Rosie loves her roses as you can see.



padmaja said...

What a full bloom Candy, the pink roses took me back to my childhood days when my grand dad grew them and gave basket full everyday to the nearby temple. Gone are those days, now I grow them only in pots, because land is a luxury in Bangalore:-)
Very cute to see the little one enjoy the perfume!

Cobalt Violet said...

Those are gorgeous!!!
Love climbing roses ... and Joseph's coats are so

Catharina Engberg said...

ohhh such beauty!!!!!!!!!! The dog likes to smell them to :)

Candy said...

Padmaja, what wonderful memories. My grandpa grew vegetables in his garden and my grandma grew beautiful flowers. Rosie is well-named:)

Lucinda, thank you! The weather has been so good this spring that our roses are very happy. Jim picked out the Joseph's coats. We have two now - the one at the top of the photo and regular bush in another part of the yard.

Hi, Catharina! Rosie is very funny. She's definitely a girl because she loves her flowers. She also likes to eat tomatoes, so we had to plant them in a place that she couldn't reach this year:)