Sunday, May 3, 2015

Have You Seen This?

I think this is a terrific idea.  It's new to me.  Check out the video.

I ordered my dot card on Thursday.

Now I'm back to real life and lesson plans.  I don't understand why Jim won't do them for me...  I would like to eat chocolate and watch movies, please:)   


Chris Lally said...

Never saw so many dots before! Thanks for the link, Candy. And chocolate and a movie - sounds like a good plan tonight!

Autumn Leaves said...

Now that is cool!!! I'm with you on the watching movies idea. Now that is the way to live! LoL

irinapictures said...

I am glad to see you are back and thank you so much for your comment.
This card with huge color opportunities would make me confused: too many beauties will make me meditate, not paint..

Candy said...

Hi, Chris! Yeah, I love old movies, chocolate and popcorn!

Hi, Sherry! I hope things are going smoothly for you now. You deserve some movie time!

Irina, you are right. I've been playing with them and I'm dreaming about all the colors I'd like to buy:) said...

Hmmm, interesting dot video. I'll never do it, but I did enjoy it.