Saturday, July 11, 2015

By the Shores of Gitche Gumee

I took a trip to Wisconsin 2 weeks ago.  It was my dad's 80th birthday.  There was a party for him.  It was fun to see him, my sister and aunts.

These are my favorite parts of my visit: 
going for a walk with my dad, just the two of us.  We went
to a park we used to go to when I was a little girl.

Going for a ride with my sister in her boyfriend's side by side.  We drove on country dirt roads.  I felt like a kid again.  It was a warm day.  The breeze was blowing our hair and the sun was shining on our faces.  We laughed and laughed - carefree girls again.

Going to Lake Superior by myself.  I drove to Wisconsin Point in the late afternoon.  There was one group of people out there, but they were far from my part of the beach.  Perfect.  Lake Superior is magical.

Seeing a friend that I've known since kindergarten.  When we see each other, we pick up our friendship as if time and distance didn't exist. 

I have some good news to share.  I am no longer teaching a night class.  I have taught a night class for 10 years.  I will miss my night students.  They are terrific, but I wanted to have some free time in the late afternoon and evening.  I am teaching summer school during the day until the end of July.  I will have August free.  Back to school during the day on August 31.  What is my plan?  I'm going to spend time with my sweet husband, my furry children and...I'm going to...paint!  Hooray!  Now I have no excuses:)

Happy Saturday!


Chris Lally said...

Welcome home, Candy! What a great trip that must have been - especially for you and your dad and your sister. Some of the best trips are down memory lane with family and old friends. I've never been to Wisconsin, but grew up in Michigan so we were practically neighbors. I know what it's like to put my feet in Lake Superior (brrrr), and I really appreciate the beauty of the Great Lakes and that part of the country. It's wonderful that you'll have some free time in August. Hoping you enjoy every minute of it. Great post!

Candy said...

Hi, Chris! Thanks for stopping by. You're right, it really is a beautiful part of the country. It was so nice to see everybody. I love my desert, but it was fun to have a break from the heat. Jim and I would like to go to Michigan for a visit one of these days. Mackinac Island is on our list of places to explore.

Autumn Leaves said...

Oh Candy!! Happy birthday to your handsome daddy! I've always wanted to see Lake Superior! Sounds like a great trip, magical, in fact. Can't wait to see your painting efforts too!

Candy said...

Hi, Sherry! I'll pass your happy birthday greeting along to my dad. You would love Lake Superior. I've been talking to Jim about driving around the lake someday. We'd even get the chance to use our passports:) When we first got our passports, we went to Vancouver Island. I had my passport, but Jim just had the receipt. His hadn't come in the mail yet. This was when the requirement for Canada had just gone into effect. I was so afraid that Jim wouldn't be able to get back into the United States:) Now, we're ready for anything. said...

Sounds like you had a great time in Wisconsin with your dad.

I'm thrilled that you will now have more time to paint. Can't wait to see what you do.

Candy said...

Hi, Carol! Thank you for commenting! It was a wonderful trip. Maybe next time I visit, I will have the chance to visit Karlyn Holman's gallery. It's only about 1-1/2 hour away from where my dad lives. I think it's even closer to where my sister lives.