Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Dreaded Upturn!

I had fun drawing this guy.  I tell you your brain cannot believe that you're going to put the tip of the nose practically between the person's eyes!  An upturned face could easily make you run screaming from the room!  And's fun in a weird way:)
Please ignore the fingerprints:)  Happy Sunday!

6 comments: said...

Hi Candy. I've been enjoying your portraits. I just started a portrait drawing class and boy is it hard for me to get the person to just look like a person let alone to look like the actual model!

Seems like you're doing a great job.

As far as my dog, has she learned her lesson? Who knows. I can only hope so. Each time I look at her I think about how lucky we were ! Hope you are well.

Candy said...

Carol, our instructor told us the first thing is to make the drawing look human:) We're like - hey no problem. Then we found out that that was HARD!!! I've decided we just need to relax and have fun in any class we take.

Yes, you guys were really lucky. All is well here. I have a couple of lizards who live in our backyard, some nesting mockingbirds and some hummingbirds, but that's about it in the wildlife department here in town. Jim and Rosie (our Lab) no longer get dive bombed by the mockingbirds:) They've made peace with one another.

Did you know that your blog is on a list of the most popular art blogs? I thought that was really cool!

Chris Lally said...

You have found a sweet niche here, Candy. It's so obvious you are enjoying yourself. Love your drawing!!

Candy said...

Thanks, Chris! We're both having a blast! Jim won't let me post any of his drawings, but he's doing really well and the last time he took a drawing class was in 1973:)


Look forward to seeing your self portraits Candy ... this looks great

Candy said...

Thank you, Jane!