Thursday, December 28, 2017

I Live in the Wild, Wild West!

My friend has two rescue horses.  They've been through a lot of bad things, but now they have a wonderful home with a mom who loves them.  I'm going to paint them.  I've started doing some drawings.  This is Lady. 
11" x 14" 60 lb paper with Faber Castell graphite aquarelle (my magic pencils)

I think this is going to be fun!


Chris Lally said...

Candy, I can see the magic in those pencils (maybe because they're held by you...)! Beautiful drawing!
God bless your friend for helping these sweet souls.

Candy said...

Thank you, Chris! Yes, she is a really good person. She is boarding them at a beautiful facility. The barn is immaculate, there are a couple of really nice pastures, some other big fenced-in areas and it's only about 2 blocks away from her house. She's retired and she goes out there every day. We're going over there today after lunch to visit. It is the most peaceful place - right in the heart of our city.

sandy said...

Nice sketch, Candy. I've attempted drawing horses in the past with not a lot of luck. Have a great new year!

Candy said...

Thanks, Sandy! I'm really enjoying this. You have a great new year, too!