Friday, July 6, 2018


I like to have the TV on while I'm cooking.  I had an art show on while I was making chili today.  I seldom saw what the guy was painting.  Every time I looked up from my dicing, measuring or mixing, they were showing his palette.  It still made me happy.  I like looking at all the colors whether it's my palette or another artist's.  What is it about the things we use to make art that is so fascinating?  Gardening is similar.  I like to dig in the dirt.  I don't always wear gloves even though I pay for it when I try to get that rich black stuff out from under my nails:)  I like the way dirt feels.  I like to look at my plants.  I like to talk to them, too:)

Watercolor and Pastel on 11"x15" 140 lb Arches Cold Press
                        Please excuse the glare.

           Watercolor on 11"x15" 140 lb Arches Cold Press

Have a fabulous Friday!


sandy said...

wow, beautiful paintings. I use to love yard work and never minded getting dirty - always kept my nails short because I would rather play in the dirt than get manicures (I've only ever had one in my whole life). it was very hot today and way too hot down the mountain where I use to live - all those towns were hitting 115 and more - ....

Candy said...

Thank you, Sandy! I'm not big on manicures either:) It's hot here, too. If we're going walking or bike riding, we get going pretty early to beat the heat.

Chris Lally said...

Art and gardening - what's not to love?
Even the dirt under the fingernails and toenails (sorry - that must sound so gross) doesn't bother me. And I love to tickle the trees with water.
Candy, your paintings! Whoo hoo!! Just love them both.
Nice post!

Candy said...

Thanks, Chris! I'm mostly what my dad calls a pot farmer:). Our backyard is small and we have two African sumacs and two mock oranges that take up most of the yard, so I fill in areas with pots. I can't take credit for the trees because they were here when we got here. They are gorgeous and huge! My geraniums were doing very well, but now the heat is getting to them.

I'm a barefoot person (except right now when it's too hot), so dirt on hands and feet is no problem. I hope you had fun in your garden this weekend!

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

I have the tv on when I am cooking too - and pick up on half the show haha I too always "forget" to put on my gloves when gardening - yes that dirt is a challenge under the nails. Gorgeous paintings, Candy ♥

Candy said...

Hi, Carrie! Thank you! I sure enjoy your blog!