Monday, April 8, 2019

Book Recommendation!

My sister sent me Dave Barry's new book Lessons From Lucy.  It's not about art, but I'm posting about it because it is absolutely hilarious.  I'm only on page 48, but I've been laughing hard out loud more times than I can keep track of.  Jim laughs just because I'm laughing!  If you love dogs and/or you like to laugh, you should read this.


Chris Lally said...

Dave Berry -it's gotta be a good one! And an old dog... the best teacher!
Thank you, Candy. I'll read it soon :)

Oh, and you were right about Tatiana H - love her work lots!! Thanks!

Candy said...

Hi, Chris! I'm glad you liked Tatsiana's paintings. I just finished the book and it was good all the way to the last page.