Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gordon Lightfoot Concert

We saw Gordon Lightfoot in concert last night at a theater that holds about 800 people in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island. It was magical. He sang song after song that Jim and I both love. He is such a wonderful storyteller. His voice and music are beautiful.

Our trip has been wonderful - Seattle, Victoria, Butchart Gardens, Nanaimo... The weather has been perfect - t-shirts and jeans, sometimes sweatshirts. Flowers blooming all over the place. Some of the trees are just budding - light fairy green.

Everyone we have met here has been friendly and helpful. The restaurants are great. We love it! We laughed so hard in our hotel in Nanaimo. The elevator was being revamped. We were on the 4th floor. You should have seen us carrying our bags up the stairs. The hotel was old and charming. Our room was perfect. One of the fringe benefits is that Jim says we now have buns of steel after making so many trips up and down four flights of stairs.

The only bad thing is that my poor mom, who was babysitting her furry grandchildren, called and said that the laundry room flooded. The litter boxes were floating and one of the kids waded in and was standing there staring at her like, "What the heck's wrong, Grandma?" That was Ben. He apparently doesn't dislike water like most cats do. A plumber came out, said we have a slab leak and shut off the hot water as a temporary fix until we get home. My mom had bailed out the water once. It flooded again and the plumber vacuumed it out. Mom has had only cold water since Monday. She boils water on the stove for her bath. We go home tomorrow and will have to make some decisions on how to fix the problem. Mom is a real trooper.


Jimmm said...

The concert was great....I will never forget it

Anonymous said...

I wonder where he's appearing right now...