Friday, April 3, 2009

No painting yet. We're in Seattle. We decided to spend spring break in Seattle and on Vancouver Island. While we're on the island, we're going to see Gordon Lightfoot. Neither of us has ever seen him. We both like him, so we decided to celebrate our anniversary and Jim's birthday by going to a concert. This is our first trip to Seattle and our first trip to Canada.

Seattle is a beautiful city. We haven't done much exploring yet, but we did find an excellent restaurant for dinner. It's called Amore. Jim had baked spaghetti and I had Chicken Nachatta. Oh, my goodness! Chicken Nachatta is a chicken breast in Marsala sauce with carmelized onions and mushrooms. Mmmmmmmmm! Jim said his spaghetti was terrific, too. Baked spaghetti was a new dish for him.

We got off to a rough start which had me thinking that I would never fly again - maybe never even go anyplace again by any means of transportation. Things are perfect now. We took Jim's GPS with us and she got us to the Microsoft campus and to our hotel without incident. We're ready to go exploring tomorrow.

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