Tuesday, August 11, 2009

My Husband Is a City Boy or Which Came First The Chicken or The...

When we were on vacation, my husband had his first experience with an outhouse. My sister and I thought it was pretty funny, so we had to document the experience. He was so proud.

Also, he made the discovery this year that a hen can lay eggs even with no roosters around. I love him so much. He makes me laugh all the time. When he learns something new, he is absolutely delighted just like a little kid! I only wish my grandpa was still around. He would have enjoyed this.


Autumn Leaves said...

He hasn't used an outhouse at the forest preserves? An experience not to be missed! LOL I love that childlike excitement of learning something new! How wonderful to have a husband who has that characteristic! Are you painting, Candy? I'm close to giving it up and starting over learning to draw! I think it is basic and I'm missing something. You, however, do great things!

Teresa said...

Hi Candy,

I'm about to make your husband feel better... I grew up in the city too... and after I moved to the country was equally amazed to learn that chickens don't need a rooster to lay eggs! How's that? No man required? LOL! It's women's lib for the fowl!

Haven't gotten back to painting yet... was planning to yesterday but found a leak under the kitchen sink so I spent most of the day pulling stuff out so I could play plumber and track down the leak. Today I hope I get to my art table!

Did you find out anything about whimberries? It is a lovely name, isn't it?

Candy said...

Autumn Leaves, please don't give up! You enjoy it. Try to relax. (I know - easier said than done!)

Teresa, I told Jim what you said and he laughed. I understand about the leak under your sink. Our last leak had us removing and replacing flooring. I hope you're back at your art table as I type this.

Acornmoon was right about whimberries. They're blueberries in the United States and Canada. I like the name "whimberries" better. I read that they're also called "winberries", but that just doesn't have the charm of whimberries.