Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Idea for My Art Room

I wanted a place to put up paintings before matting them or just to look at them if I'm not going to mat them. I thought I could make my own corkboard and Googled "cork" to get some ideas. I found this
They had a clever idea - use wine corks to make a cork board.

Jim is going to help me. We're using an old cupboard door that Jim removed when he installed our dishwasher. (I love the wood that our cupboards are made of.) Jim is making a frame out of quarter round. We started saving wine corks a while back with a vague idea of using them for something. I don't know if we have enough corks, but Jim says he's willing to drink more wine to help me out:) I'm going to glue the corks we have and then fill in the rest later. Working on this project has made me stop and look at wine corks. Most of them have words or drawings on them. They're interesting.


Tracey said...

Great idea! I hope you show us when it's finished. Way to go Jim for being a team player on the wine drinking..LOL!

Autumn Leaves said...

I look forward to seeing the finished product as well, Candy. I've seen some DIY show where they made a table using wine corks for the top (of course they were inset). I think some of those corks are really pretty, especially the ones with the pictures on them! Good idea indeed!!

Candy said...

Hi, Tracey and Autumn Leaves! I will post photos as soon as we're done. Thanks for stopping by.