Friday, October 9, 2009

Gratitude Friday

I am grateful for the perfect weather we're having right now. I even love the light at this time of year. It's different - softer, quieter.

I'm grateful for this big, black cat who jumps in front of my monitor whenever I sit down at the computer. It's Cary Grant's way of telling me to love him, which I do. I love his brothers and sister, too.

I'm grateful for all the people who make me laugh. My mom, sisters, husband and dad are all funny. What cracks me up about my dad is that he is so pleased with himself when he does or says something funny. He cracks himself up. I also have made some blogger friends who can really make me laugh. Thank you all.

I'm grateful to John L. Smith for writing a terrific article in the Las Vegas Review Journal this week about Jim's stepfather, a World War II veteran and a Las Vegas gaming pioneer (and a very nice guy).


Tracey said...

There is so much to be grateful for!
Have a great weekend!

Autumn Leaves said...

Candy, I like that your handsome dad cracks himself up. I do that to myself at times! LOLOL I worked in the gaming industry and honestly, I loved it. I worked both in the regulatory side and on the "dark side!" I'm not a gamer, but working in the industry was just something fun, truly. Now, my friend, where is your artwork, hmmm???

Candy said...

Hi, Tracey! You have a great weekend, too!

Sherry, where did you work in gaming? Was it in Illinois? I haven't kept track of which states allow gaming these days.

As for art, I haven't started anything new, but I have two ideas for paintings and I may try the DSFDF challenge. Thank you for giving me the little prod I need:) I know I have to keep at it, or I won't improve. Once I start painting, I'm always happy. It's just sitting down and getting started...

Autumn Leaves said...

I'm quite good at LOL I worked for the WA State Gambling Commission when I was living in WA. In Illinois, I worked for WMS Gaming. Been to LV for both jobs, once doing a week long financial audit on a Bally subsidiary, the other to work on an internal audit to ensure we were complying with shipping regs (WMS). Spent a total of two weeks there over the years. Still and yet, it was just a fun field to work in, I thought.

Robyn Sinclair said...

Candy - And I'm grateful for your kind words about the loss of our little dog, Snowy. I'm sorry I couldn't find a email address to say thank you privately.

Teresa said...

Hi Candy,

I think you have the key to a happy, satisfied life... gratefulness. How could we enjoy more if not grateful for what we already have?

Thank you for the reminder. I, too, have lots to be grateful for.

Cindi said...

thanks for the nice comments on my blog candy.. love your gratitude friday.. sure makes me stop and think.. and really appreciate!!! thank you!!