Friday, November 20, 2009

Gratitude Friday - Farmer Jim Harvests His Crop

These are the photos of Farmer Jim's first tomato crop. The crop was harvested on Sunday, November 15. After harvesting, we divided it in half and ate it in one sitting:) We would have had a crop twice this size, but Rosie (our Lab)ate the other tomato. The tomato that Jim and I ate was delicious. We had no complaints from Rosie about her tomato. We're going to try to do better next year. (It's unlikely that we could produce fewer tomatoes.) Anyhow, I'm glad Jim gave it a shot. I can say, without a doubt, no matter how few you produce, tomatoes that you grow yourself are absolutely delicious.


Autumn Leaves said...

Methinks Farmer Jim might need some gardening advice from your cute daddy, darlin'! LOL Still and yet, I am sure that the tomato was indeed delicious! I love knowing that your Lab helped herself to one! LOLOLOL I once had a Weim who used to pick blackberries for himself right from the bushes too. I must say that I think your kitchen looks mighty cozy and I am wishing I could visit and share a glass of the vino with you! Hope school is going well this year. I truly miss hearing more from you but I know how busy teachers are during the school year.

Cindi said...

so funny i shouldve taken a picture of crop.. much smaller and from a total or 4 tomatoe plants.. nothing grew this year.. cant be us???LOL we had no plums, nectrarines , apples or pulots... but tons of grapefruits and ranges.. of course my favs are the ones that didnt grow.. so if you figure out the problem.. please let me know i can use some help too!!! tell jim he isn ot alone!!

Candy said...

Sherry, I would love to have you over to share a glass of wine. We've been finishing up our guest bathroom. We still have to seal the grout and install the base board, but it's looking pretty good. I'll post photos after Thanksgiving.

You're right, Jim may have to get some help from my dad when he plants another crop in the spring:)

It's funny that your dog liked blackberries. You never know what's going to appeal to them!

Cindi, it just can't be us:) I love pluots. You're the first person I've known who even attempted to grow them. Anyhow, if Jim gets things figured out, I'll ask him to share his ideas with you. Otherwise, I'll send my dad over:)