Saturday, November 28, 2009

Our Guest Bathroom

Here are some photos of our guest bathroom project. We painted, tore out the old tile, installed new Italian porcelain tile, hung one of my paintings, got a new shower curtain and bath mat and tah-dah!

We install the red oak baseboard tomorrow morning and this project is finished just in the nick of time. Our deadline was my mom's arrival on Wednesday. I can't wait to see her.

I'll post another photo after we install the baseboard.


Autumn Leaves said...

What a great job! I must confess to getting a bit of a happy surprise to see the original pink fixtures! I really do love it when anyone can keep the integrity and still spruce up the room as you have done! Can't wait until we can do that here!

Candy said...

Thanks, Sherry! I do like pink, although I probably wouldn't have chosen that color if I had been the original owner. (I'm a big chicken sometimes and would have been a little more conventional. However, I did paint one wall in my living room purple, so maybe I'm not as big a chicken as I think.) I believe Connie and George (the original owners) really loved this house, so I like leaving some of the things they did to the house and adding our touch.

We sure are learning a lot.

Deb Harvey said...

Candy, it looks great! You're going to finish before we do. LOL! We always seem to run out of steam at the end of a project...and it takes a while to finish the last details.

Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm not sure what kind of mums...but I am going to ask the next time I'm at the store. I just love them!

Marie Young (Marie Young Creative) said...

It looks so fresh. Hope the baseboards went in easily. Home projects are always a lot of work, but they are so rewarding.

Candy said...

Deb, you guys sound like us. What kept us going was knowing my mom was coming for a visit.

I enjoy reading your blog. I think your art is terrific and I enjoy your photos, too. Those flowers were so pretty!

Marie, thank you! I agree that DIY is rewarding! What fun to say, "We did that!" (unless it's really obvious that we did that:))