Saturday, September 6, 2014


I finished my hooded oriole painting. 

We went for a nice bike ride this morning.  The weather was perfect.  I recommend bike riding if you want to feel like a kid again.  Jim says that someday he'll talk me into getting a real bike.  I want him to know that my pretty yellow bike is as real as can be.  I was born to ride a cruiser.  I like sitting upright, not hunched over the handlebars.  I like hitting the brakes with my feet, not squeezing them with my hands.  I like one gear because it's all me, Baby!  Mind you, I do hills very slowly:)  That's okay.  Jim rides around in circles waiting for me at the top:)  I'm not a snob about my pretty bike - not like some people.  You are welcome to ride with me even if you have a ten or fifteen speed bike:)

I'm serious when I say you'll feel like a kid again.  If you feel sad, bored or tired; get out that bike and go for a spin.  You see so much more than you do when you go by car.  You can stop and take pictures.  You feel the breeze on your face and smell the lovely fragrance of freshly cut grass, flowers and the desert.  You can go as fast and far or as slowly as you want.  People are friendly.  I know I'm quite a sight (hilarious) when I go cruising by.  I have my pretty yellow bike with hot pink flowers, a hot pink and white helmet and Da Brim in fluorescent yellow at a jaunty angle over my helmet.  I usually wear shorts and a fluorescent yellow or peach t-shirt.  Jim says you can't miss me.  I was thrilled because I was out by myself the other day and this British lady who walks her cocker spaniel around the neighborhood told me my hat was "smashing".  I swear I smiled for the next three miles!


Jimmm said...

So this is what we gotta do everybody, is tell Candy to paint a HUGE-BIG picture of a bunch of roses on the side of the house...BIG ART is what U guys call it!!!

Candy said...

Jim, that is a brilliant idea! I'll do it - roses or sunflowers. Since we'll be painting the house anyway, we can roll over it and try again if I mess up:)