Saturday, September 30, 2017

Happy September!

I hope everyone had a fabulous September!  I haven't been painting.  I have made some cards from paintings that I did in the past and that's about it for art.  However, I have plans for 2 new projects.  A friend of mine just got back from a trip to Denmark, Sweden and Norway.  She said I could use one of her photos as a reference for a painting.  I'm also going to do BIG ART for Halloween:)  I'm going to paint our front window.  I had so much fun last year for Christmas that I decided to do some more.

The weather here has been perfect.  I love this time of year, except it makes me a little sad as the days get shorter.  I perk right up again on December 21 because I know they'll be getting longer and I can tell the difference by even a few minutes. 

I've been stopping by some blogs and I see that you have all been busy with art.  That inspires me.


Barbra Joan said...

Good to see you blogging Candy. It's been a while. Summers ending for most but here in Florida it's air condition until after October. We had our fill of hurricanes and fingers crossed that no more get here. thanks for your visits.

Chris Lally said...

Welcome back, Candy! So good to hear you have some new projects on the horizon.
Painting on your front window sounds really exciting! Can't wait to see what you come up with.
I love this time of the year, too...

Mary Paquet said...

Candy, thanks for checking in on my blog. We have been traveling so much that I have had little time for blogging. Right now we are inundated with smoke in the Bay Area from all the fires. The most recent one started last night with a house fire in the Santa Cruz Mountains near us. Glad to hear you will have fun painting your window for Halloween. That is how I started doing art. Mom suggested I paint the windows for Christmas. It was so much fun!

Candy said...

Barbra Joan, it's good to hear from you. We're still using the air conditioning here, too:) Thank goodness there is no possibility of a hurricane here in the desert! I hope no more head your way!

Hi, Chris! I haven't started the window yet. We got distracted by the sign for the career fair at school. That was fun!

Hi, Mary! I'm so sad about the fires in California.

I'm going to do the window this weekend. Your mom is a smart cookie! I did the window for Christmas last year and had a blast!