Monday, May 14, 2018

Florals - Don't You Love Them?

I hope you're having a fabulous Monday!  I've started a floral and I'm waiting for a layer to dry.  I don't like to use a blow dryer to dry my paintings.  I've taken classes where, in the interest of moving things right along, we used blow dryers.  I think it's a good thing to do in a class, but when I'm painting on my own, I don't.  I don't like the noise and sometimes it changes the painting.  So here I am writing to you and petting one of my furry children.
This is Chip.  He's not allowed to perch on the dining room table, but he's a cat, so he doesn't care.
Besides, right now, he's standing on his hind legs purring in my ear.  How could I get mad?


Autumn Leaves said...

LoL...Those kitties! They certainly do have minds of their own! I don't like to use a dryer either. Especially if paper is too wet! Tends to blow my paint where I don't want it. My daughter, on the other hand, uses a blow dryer beautifully on her work!

Barbra Joan said...

Candy, I agree about the hair dryer... Noisy, irritating and what's the hurry anyway?

Chip looks like he could be my Jennys brother... I just posted her on my Journey blog.

Candy said...

I checked out the picture of Jenny and they do look like they could be brother and sister:)

Glad to hear your daughter is still painting, Sherry!

Chris Lally said...

Haha! He really looks like he doesn't care!! But what's not to love here?
Standing by for your floral. It's so nice to make a leisurely piece of art!

martinealison said...

Bonjour chère amie,

Ah ! les matous aiment bien faire ce qu'ils veulent !...
Il est magnifique et on l'excuse !

Gros bisous 🌸

Candy said...

Hi, Chris! He definitely has attitude, but he's a sweetie! The floral is on hot press and I'm enjoying playing with it- moving that paint around.

Candy said...

Bonjour chère Martine!
C'est vrai, mais on les aime quand même:)

Gros bisous