Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Still Not Quite Right...

I think this is a little better, but it's still not quite right.  However, it's done.

Why am I having so much trouble with the eyes?  


Chris Lally said...

Looks pretty good, Candy.
I have trouble with faces, too. My husband, who has taken drawing classes for years, says I usually make this mistake: when there is a slight tilt to the head, I neglect to tilt all the features in the same direction. He says most people seem to want to straighten things out.
Hold a pencil horizontally between the lips of your drawing, & keeping the tilt fixed, pull the pencil up to the eyes. It seems that your right eye is a little higher than the left. And on this drawing, as compared to the one you posted on the 8th, the outer corners of the eyes seem a bit more slanted upward.
Hubby goes on and on - you must measure, measure, measure - vertically and horizontally. That's why I like doing anonymous people. I don't have to get everything right. You are doing the most difficult thing - trying to get a likeness & doing a self-portrait.
You are better than you think.

Candy said...

Thank you, Chris! You are very kind! I'm going to try your tip. Please tell your husband that measure, measure, measure is excellent advice. (Do men have more patience when it comes to measuring?) Guess what we worked on in class last night... Yep, another self-portrait. Those benches were turned toward the wall and the mirrors were ready to hang when we walked in. Yikes! I think I've reached my limit of contemplation of my wrinkles and getting my eyes down wrong on paper. However, I think I've got my nose down and my mouth looks pretty close. It really is a fun class in spite of my whining:) We are going to take a portrait class next. There will probably be a lot more whining coming from me during that class. It should be a good one, though. We've had the teacher before for a different drawing class and she is amazing! In her class, you get drawing instruction mixed with art history and stand-up comedy. She's the one who also showed us how to paint our windows. She's slightly crazy and Jim absolutely adores her.