Saturday, May 29, 2010

Saturday Morning

I bought this today.
This morning I met Lorraine, my friend of 40 years, for breakfast at The Omelet House. They have the best breakfasts! Lorraine and I get together there once a month to chat.
After breakfast, we went to the Book Magician, a used bookstore. This place is so cool. They have a cat named Merlin (Mortimer?). I'll find out for sure next time. He's 21 years old. I gave him a nice massage and he rubbed his head on my foot. Lorraine bought 5 paperbacks and I found this treasure. It's in perfect condition - jacket and all. I love used books. I love to find inscriptions and wonder about the previous owners. Frank Dold of Toronto, Canada wrote his name in the back of this one. I thought he might be an artist, but I couldn't find anything about him on the Internet. By the way, this book was originally priced $50.00 and I bought it for $16.00. If you live in Las Vegas, check out this store. It has a wonderful kind of mystic, hippie, San Franciso, gentle atmosphere; not to mention great used books!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunflowers for Randi

Randi, the smallest one is just starting to open. The one by the patio reaches the patio cover and looks like it's still growing. We love them.
Your dad and I are trying to figure out what your secret to a bumper crop of tomatoes is. Maybe we should be proud of ours, though. After all, our crop has increased by 50 percent over last year. It looks like we'll have 3 tomatoes this year:)

Sunday Morning

This morning we made a run to the neighborhood doughnut shop. It's a family-owned shop. I love these people. Their doughnuts are out of this world.(The "x" number of pounds I've put on are not a mystery.) The weather was perfect. We sat out on the patio, had our doughnuts, milk for me and coffee for Jim. Our sunflowers are starting to bloom. They're taller than we are and their leaves are huge. The oleanders are in full bloom and we still have some roses blooming. The mockingbirds are singing like crazy. Does life get any better than this? I feel (and look) like a big, fat, contented cat. Can you hear me purring?