Friday, February 16, 2018

My Space

I am so lucky to have a room that I love, in which to make art.  Last Friday, we had shutters installed and they are great!  My room is upstairs and I have a big window facing north and a smaller window facing south.  I have a large table (Jim's mom's old dining room table) for my mat cutter, flat files in a corner, and enough room for an easel, a flat table for painting, my "thinking chair" and a lovely drawing table we bought at an estate sale.  I have a dot for music and a laptop for reference photos.   Oh and, of course, there is always a cat or two two keep me company.  Rosie doesn't do stairs, so she doesn't join me when I'm painting or drawing.  Note that Cary Grant has jumped into his carrier.  Now if we were actually headed to the vet, there would be a mad scramble to pounce on him and put him in the carrier with absolutely no cooperation on his part:)  I always enjoy seeing other studios, so I thought you might like to see my art room.  I go barefoot all the time- my feet love the wood floor:)  The walls are the palest lavender - almost white.
Here are a few photos.

Monday, February 5, 2018

Here's Lady in Watercolor

I just finished this.  It's watercolor on 11"x15" Arches cold press.  I'm going to paint her again.  I feel like I'm starting to catch on:)  The next one will be looser and more colorful.