Sunday, March 17, 2019

Barbara Muir and 10 Reasons to Be Happy!

I subscribe to Barbara Muir's newsletter/blog.  I can't remember how I found her.  She is a delightful, upbeat person.  You can check out her painting and writing here /
Yesterday, she posted 10 reasons to be happy.  It made me think about things I'm happy about.

1.  I can see Georgie learning and it's a thrill to watch him.

2.  I'm almost finished with my drawing for a full sheet watercolor and I already did a test run in my watercolor notebook.

3.  The cats are sitting by me purring.

4.  My mom, my friend Lori, Jim and I are going to see Lena Prima at the Smith Center Thursday night.

5. Following Barbara and her husband's lead, Jim and I just went for a walk with Georgie.  It's 74 degrees and sunny.  What's not to be happy about?

6.  Jim and I enjoy talking and walking and just spending time together.

7.  My sisters and I think it's hilarious that Jim is Mom's favorite child.  He's also our stepmother's favorite:)

8.  I'm going to have lunch with Lori, the horse rescuer, tomorrow.

9.  I cleaned half of the house yesterday, so tomorrow will be a breeze.

10.  I found another artist whose work I fell in love with

Fifth Street School

We went back to the watercolor show at Fifth Street School Friday.  This time we actually got in.  We took a few pictures.  I love Tatsiana Harbacheuskaya's work.  She has the feel for watercolor.
Check out her web page here and also look her up on Facebook. What do you think?  I especially like the way she handles light.

These are pictures Jim took of the old school the previous Friday when we couldn't get in:)

I don't have photos to post of the paintings in the gallery, but I think you can get an idea from the program.  I took these with my phone.  Not the best photos I've ever taken but...

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Watercolor Show!

This year is the 50th anniversary of the Nevada Watercolor Society.  There is going to be a show starting Thursday at the old Fifth Street School.  Jim and I are looking forward to it.  First of all, I'm excited to see the paintings.  Plus that school is beautiful.  It has been restored and it's used for art shows, concerts, plays and other special events.  I love the gorgeous wooden gymnasium floor!  I will see if I can take photos.