Saturday, June 2, 2018

My Kids - Chip and Cary Grant

These two actually stayed still while I went to get my camera and then while I went to get my phone. 

Watercolor and Pastels

I took Chris Lally's advice and added some pastels to my watercolor floral.  Thank you, Chris!  The same day she made that suggestion, I got a newsletter featuring Tom Perkinson who does exactly that.  Wow!  After you have a chance to check out Tom's work, be kind when you look at mine:)  Here is a link: Tom Perkinson.  Plus he's a desert guy!  Like me!  (Except I'm a girl.)  His work absolutely glows!  I probably shouldn't have put a link to his art in a separate post, but I have no pride:)
I'm not done, but here's what I've been playing with.