Friday, October 15, 2010

Gratitude Friday or Who Was That Woman?

Who was that woman who said, "Our granddaughter is staying with us while her dad is out of town, so there will be art galore"? Yikes! We're having a blast, but we haven't made any art. We've been reading in the evenings. She has a log for her teacher and we sign off on what she reads. Last night, we read a chapter from It's Raining Cupcakes. Wednesday night, we read Little Beauty and a story about farm animals who enter a talent show. All three of us spend a lot of time laughing.

We do a kind of relay in the morning trying to get to school on time. Jim isn't in the classroom any longer, so he has had the responsibility of getting Jade to her school because his schedule is more flexible than mine. I help her get ready and drop her off to Jim on my way to school. He handles the final leg of the journey during which they stop for hot chocolate:)

I am very grateful for having the opportunity to spend time with our lovely little granddaughter.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

A Lazy, Lovely, Rainy Day in Las Vegas

Yesterday and today, we had some rain and a few hours of overcast skies. It was a nice change. Up until now, we've been having temperatures in the 100s, which is unusual for this time of year.

I've been reading a novel by Julia Glass on my Kindle. Thursday night, Jim fell asleep before I did. I felt like reading, but I didn't want to wake him up by turning on the light. I used the light on my Kindle cover for real for the first time. (The times I just played with it don't count.) It gives off just enough light to illuminate the page. It's a really cool feeling to be surrounded by darkness and read with this tiny light.

I kind of fell out of blogging mode the last couple of weeks. I have to make the rounds to see what you've been up to.