Sunday, March 18, 2018

Go see Jack Hanna!

If you have the opportunity to see Jack Hanna in person, go! We saw him at The Smith Center last night. He tells stories of his adventures, shows some video clips and brings some animals from nearby rescue facilities for a visit with the audience. He is a man who has always known what he wanted to do with his life. His love for animals shines. His wife and 2 of his daughters were onstage with him for a few moments and were also in some of the clips. They do great work.

We love The Smith Center. It's gorgeous. Every time we go there, we are thrilled just to be in that building.
The baby tiger wasn't there in person, I thought he was so cute that I snapped his picture from a video clip.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I finally got around to matting and framing the final drawing I did in the class I took last spring.  I hadn't used my mat cutter in years.  It took me awhile to remember how it worked:).  The frame came today and I love it.  Jim helped me put the drawing in the frame and he hung the drawing above our bed.  Now we need a new bedspread!