Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Sister Told Me to Post Something

I've been inspired by a couple of things this weekend.  The first is that Jim is taking a rendering and illustration class and he's going to draw every day.  The second is the four artists going on holiday together in Provence and blogging about it.  What fun!

Today I pulled out the watercolors and started a painting of one of my African violets.  I also took photos of the art that is hanging in our living room, so I could show you how things look since we did all that work in the living room.  However, there is a great big honkin' flash mark in the middle of each photo and I don't know how to shut off the flash on Jim's camera, so...  I'll not post any photos today:)

We're going to have our granddaughter stay with us a few days while her dad is in Houston at the end of the month.  I'm going to get some of that jumbo sidewalk chalk and a long jump rope.  I have to brush up on my jump rope chants.  I can remember two.  Jim says he'll jump rope with us.  He knows a chant I've never heard of.

Well, it's time to do some lesson plans.