Friday, November 13, 2009

Gratitude Friday

Our solar energy system has been in for over a week. Our meter is running backward. We are waiting for an inspection and then for NV Energy to install a new meter.

We are meeting some friends tonight at the Italian American Club for dinner.

Life is very, very good!


Autumn Leaves said...

I miss your posting while you are working, Candy! I look forward to each new entry. My mind is trying to figure out how come the meter is running backward? Or is that tongue in cheek for the energy savings you are getting? Dinner sounds like it was fun! Hope your dad and his wife are doing well!

Candy said...

Good morning, Sherry! We have two meters. The original meter actually runs backward when we are generating more power than we are using. The new meter that was installed by the solar guys measures the amount of electricity generated. That electricity goes back to the power company. We don't have an "off the grid system" with batteries, etc. If we generate as much electricity as we use, it zeroes out the power bill. If we generate less, we pay. If we generate more, the power company makes out like a bandit. They don't give you credit for the overage. Jim spends hours in the backyard watching the meter run backward:)

My dad and his wife are doing great. I get a kick out of your comments on him!

Since the "Great Blowup", we lost some files and there are some files that are still there, but I don't have access to them. After Jim reinstalls some software, there is a picture I'm going to post for you:)

Autumn Leaves said...

So looking forward to my picture, Candy! LOL I think that the solar panel system and trade with the power company is amazing. What a great idea, helps reduce your costs and provides them with a bit more energy than they might otherwise have...Maybe they'll even help those a bit who cannot afford their bills! (Ya think?) How is school going, darlin'? I don't have any idea what grade you teach (you may have said, but the mind is a sieve most days), but I know those little'uns take a lot out of you; or they did me when I subbed one semester. Oy. Turned me right away from thoughts of teaching. My feet killed at the end of the day. I wasn't one to sit behind the desk on the days I subbed. I used to love to play "school" when I was a kid and subbing afforded me the opportunity to do it for real! And I really do think your daddy is one fine and handsome fellow. He'd look amazing in a tux, yes???? LOL