Friday, January 14, 2011

Gratitude Friday

I'm very grateful to Sue at a brush with color for posting a poem from T. S. Eliot's Old Possum's Book of Practical Cats. I read it, fell in love with it and ordered a copy from Amazon. This is one of those books that I want a hardcover copy of rather than putting it on my Kindle.

I'm also grateful that the sun is shining very brightly again here in the desert. Although we had some rain and some cold weather (22 degrees!), it's gorgeous now. I hope it gets better soon in all the places that are having floods and heavy snow.

Do you think it's odd that along with my T. S. Eliot, I ordered Earth, Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits? Hmmm... I think it's an interesting combination:)


Tracey said...

Means your well rounded in your interests Candy :)
Have a great weekend!

Tracey said...

I went to Amazon and looked up the book....the cover is so cute! It wouldn't allow me to search the inside pages right now...but they had me with the cover!
Enjoy!! Let me know how you like it.

Teresa said...

Hi Candy,
Which poem was it that you liked? I shall have to go to Amazon and take a look at that book. I love a good poem.

Hope you had a great Christmas and New Year's. I'm trying to get back into a normal pace after the busyness of the holidays :-)

Randi@SowderingAbout said...

Have I told you about The Help?

If not, you need to read it.

Autumn Leaves said...

I think the combination of your Amazon order shows just why I like you Candy. Sounds like the same types of things I would order. I love EW&F. Been a long, long time since I heard any of their music, but I always liked it back in the day.

Candy said...

I'll let you know, Tracey. You may want to add it to your collection.

Teresa, it's called "The Naming of Cats". I'm headed your way to check out your latest color chart. Your new watercolors sound fabulous.

Randi, I'll add it to my list. I love to get book
recommendations. I've got a collection of letters between Julia Child and a friend waiting for me on my Kindle right now.

Sherry, I was listening to an oldies station the other day while I was driving. Earth, Wind and Fire came on and I was dancing in the driver's seat:)