Sunday, September 8, 2013

Where Were We?

Jim and I have listened to all kinds of music all our lives.  My dad used to sing in a country band - electrician by day, country singer and guitar player by night.  I grew up on the music of Johnny Cash, Merle Haggard, the Statler Brothers, Waylon and Willie and other country greats.  My mom was in love with Elvis Presley and rock, so I listened to Elvis, Cream, the Beatles, the Rolling Stones and Led Zeppelin.  I also developed a love of show tunes, some classical music and jazz.  Jim grew up on folk,  rock and old standards, courtesy of his older brother and sister and his parents.  We know a lot of music.  At least we thought we did.

A couple of months ago, Jim fell in love with ABBA.  We both wondered where the heck he had been in the seventies.  Everyone else in our generation, everyone in our children's generation, everyone in our parent's generation, everyone in our grandchildren's generation...Heck!  Everyone knows ABBA's music!  I was a real smarty-pants about it until we watched The Colbert Report Thursday night.

Stephen Colbert's guest was John Prine.  Where had I been?  Jim was no better.  Neither of us knew his music, but it is great.  We got on YouTube.  We found him singing his songs with Emmylou Harris, Johnny Cash, Vince Gil.  Have you heard of him?  His lyrics are a slice of life - funny, happy, tragic.  His tunes are lovely.

No art from me today.  I've got lesson plans to do and then I must watch my Green Bay Packers. (Every time I write Green Bay Packers, I make a typo and it comes out Green Baby Packers.  I wonder if there's any significance to that:)) Have a beautiful Sunday.  It's sprinkling rain here today.  It's warm, but not hot.  A perfect day.

P. S.  I'd like to share one more discovery that we made this week.  The song was written by Paul McCartney and it is performed by Glen Campbell.  Neither of us had ever heard it before.  It's beautiful enough to make you cry.


Unknown said...

Interesting topic, I think our "likes" do change over the years and we discover something or someone we did not give a second look at as now being just what we like. Keeps life interesting for sure

Candy said...

Hi, Lorraine! I laughed and teased my husband about missing the ABBA years:) I agree that our "likes" change over the years. YouTube is such a fabulous way of checking out what we've missed over the years.

Mermaid's Palette said...

Never heard of him before, either. Another good reason to watch the Colbert Report! Loved reading your post- sometimes mine are so short and this makes me realize I need to take more time and make them more interesting. Go Packers! Haha just kidding- I am not even a football fan, but our family is Niners and Jets.

Candy said...

Sheryl, I love your new quarterback even if he doesn't play for the Packers and even if your 49ers beat us last Sunday!

I'm also jealous of you! You're going to Hawaii (or maybe you're already there)! Yesterday, I checked out prices of tickets and I keep thinking that Jim and I should go during spring break or summer vacation. First, we have to find a good pet sitter. When Jim's daughter moved to Seattle, she quit her real job of being our pet sitter:)

renate said...

Goose bumps for 4 minutes and 29 seconds:) Loved it Candy! Thanks for sharing this discovery :):)

Jimmm said...

Go ABBA....I'm going to trade my Packers shirt for an ABBA shirt!

Candy said...

Renate, I'm glad you enjoyed it. I never would have guessed that the song was written by Paul McCartney and I never knew that Glen Campbell could play the bagpipes!

Jimmm, don't tell me that you're a fair weather Packer fan:)