Sunday, June 25, 2017

I'm So Happy That I Have Buddies Who Are Still Blogging!

Jim and I have approximately 8,000 photographs in our album on our computer (saved somewhere on Google that I don't really have to know about because Jim is the IT guy).  The photos are filed by date.  I wanted to find some photos that we took of wild burros at Red Rock Canyon, but I couldn't remember when it was.  I made it through the photos from 2000 through 2003.  Then I realized there was an easier way.  Hooray! I knew I had posted the photos on my blog and I have fewer blog posts than album photos.  I started going through old blog posts.  It was almost like reading a diary and I loved the comments and advice that my blogging friends posted.  I also realized that there are quite a few people who no longer blog.

Maybe people have switched over to Facebook.  I'm not sure what happened, but I miss them.  However, I'm very glad that quite a few are still blogging.  When I go to Lucinda's blog, I see new and exciting places to travel along with great artwork.  Martine's posts are always uplifting.  She also posts photos from her travels and her beautiful paintings.  I love her world.  Pat posts from her new home in Scotland and always has a sweet painting of a dog to share.  We still hear from Sherry and get to see the lovely art she's working on.  She doesn't realize how good her work is!  If you want to see gorgeous art made by someone who is also absolutely hilarious, check out Carol King's blog. She is adjusting to life in North Carolina along with bears:)  A challenge for a New York City girl! Chris's art is amazing and she is always so helpful and kind in her comments on other people's blogs.  Olivia's watercolors are so loose and lovely!  There are other artists whose work I love, too - Myrna, Mary, Barbra Joan, Irina, Padmaja, Cristina, Jane, Floriana, Marty.  You guys are all wonderful!  Thank you for continuing to post!  I love your work, your advice, your ideas and your stories!  I've learned so much from you.

I miss Deb Harvey, Teresa at Blueberries, Art and Life, Sheryl Hawkins, Robyn Sinclair and others.  I would love to know what's going on in their lives.

Anyhow, I wish you all a happy Sunday!  I found my wild burros and I'm going to re-post their pictures because they are so sweet.


Chris Lally said...

What a sweet tribute you made to your friends, Candy! (Thank you) Our blogging world wouldn't be the same without your wonderful artwork and writing either. Facebook does nothing for me. I plan on staying right here.
Those sweet burros are icing on the cake in your beautiful post.
Hope you had a happy weekend!!

Barbra Joan said...

Candy, so glad I found you in Blogsville... hooray! someone who still blogs and posts.
Same with me, lost a few blogging friends from way back and I think you got it right about FB. I occasionally go on go on there but not a big fan.
Just wanted to say I've been to Red Rock Canyon... Loved it out there, I did live in Fremont Ca. for a couple years. I did a small sketch of Red Rock, if I find it I'll post it on my Journey blog.

Candy said...

Chris, thank you for your kind words. I'm so glad you plan on staying right here! Blogging just seems to work better for me.

Barbra Joan, I hope you can find your sketch of Red Rock. It's one of my favorite places. I'm glad you like blogging better than Facebook.

sandy said...

Candy, hello - thanks for visiting my blog. I feel the same way you do - when I got to my old blogs that are now off line and see who use to visit I miss those people - some are on FB and others not. Anyway - glad to get to know you. Love the donkeys in the photos. When I have time I'll come back and see more of your posts.

Candy said...

Hi, Sandy! Thank you for stopping by! It's nice to know there are still quite a few of us who enjoy blogging.

padmaja said...

They are all magnificent captures Candy!
I am happy that I too got a place in your list, thank you! But I wonder if any one is still interested in what I write on my blog, in the age of Instagram and Facebook, I think blogging has taken a back seat! But I do feel like sharing on my blog when there is really I want to say apart from what I paint!

Candy said...

Padmaja, people are very interested in what you say on your blog. You are a painter and a story teller. I love both of those things about your blog and I believe others do, too. I think there is something about blogging that allows us to say more than what is said on Facebook or Instagram. Keep blogging! We all love your art and your words!