Wednesday, September 5, 2018


I finished this floral this morning before I went out to visit my friend's horses.  It was fun to do.  I even made a correction with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  It was the first time I tried that and it seems to work well.  I haven't taken the paper off my board yet.  If there's a big hole in the paper, I'll let you know.😊  This is watercolor on 15" x 22" Arches 140 lb. cold press.

I may have to talk Jim into making me a light box like Chris Lally's Tim made.  This paper is white, but it doesn't look it in the photo.  I hope you're having a wonderful September evening!


Barbra Joan said...

So very pretty ! love the soft colors and the fact that it's large.
I know what you say about the white of the paper. Every one of mine always have that little tint of I don't know what. !! It's something to do with the settings but who knows ?

Chris Lally said...

Put a frame on it, Candy! Gorgeous!!

The light box has made a big difference. I don't know why, but some things just cannot be color corrected when photographed in natural light - very frustrating!
If you want something a little more elaborate, artist Carol Marine has a great DIY on an ArtByte at (don't tell Tim).

Candy said...

Thank you, Barbra, Joan! The color in the photos thing was something I'd decided to live with until I saw Chris's light box. Now I just have to do some sweet talking.

Candy said...

Thank you, Chris! When I saw your post, it seemed like the solution to my problem and it looked like something I could talk Jim into:) If I do look at Carol's post, I won't say a word to Tim:)

Cobalt Violet said...

Happy September! Lovely painting!! I missing watercolors because I'm entrenched in oils with an upcoming show. Hope you are well!

Candy said...

Hi, Lucinda! All is well here and starting to cool off. Thank you for the compliment! Good luck with your show! I'm looking forward to reading more about your Scotland trip and to seeing photos of your work in the show.